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Author: Sanzo
Title: Beautiful
Characters/Pairing: Yunjae, Yoochun, Junsu & Changmin
Rating: NC 17
Form: One-shot / Short Story (4/4)
Beta: Not beta-ed. Please forgive errors
Genre: Fluff and hints of smut
Excerpt: Seemed like all the times Junsu thought Jaejoong was alone during the separation, he actually never was.

Ghost (1/4), Salty Taste of Tears (2/4), Chained Souls (3/4)

'Yunho's with me.'

Yoochun received the message from Jaejoong when he was just about to wake up from sleep. Three simple words, no introduction, no ending, not even stories shared -- just straight to the point. But Yoochun knew right away what Jaejoong meant.


Yoochun's one word reply hid his excitement as well as so many other things he wanted to say, so many other questions he wanted to ask. He waited for Jaejoong's response to his reply, but he didn't receive any other messages. He sighed and smiled, jumping off bed and went into the bathroom.

Yunho and Jaejoong. The first time he saw the two of them together, Yoochun thought they would be enemies. Seriously, he was good in reading people, but the intensity of Yunho's and Jaejoong's stares towards one another seemed so much like rivalry. Their eyes were like saying: 'hey you there, watch out!'. Their polar opposite personalities didn't help too, at the beginning, whenever Yunho said 'yes', Jaejoong would say 'no.' Yoochun remembered how Changmin always push him to the middle of the two men whenever they had a discussion, because the two would be arguing for every little thing.

"They hated each other, huh?" That was the question Yoochun asked Junsu and Changmin right after their debut. Yunho and Jaejoong were arguing about the microphone -- who was supposed to be getting the microphone with a green ring around it. It was such a stupid argument their manager back then practically pulled his hair and screamed at the two. Changmin had laughed at his assumption. "Really Yoochun hyung? You think it's hate?" the magnae smirked evilly at his words. Junsu snorted at him too, "You know what Yoochun, I was there when they first met each other." That was all Junsu said.

It was a few months after, that Yoochun caught something odd about the intensity of their arguments. The two of them would always be in extremely bad mood after winning an argument. Yoochun remembered Jaejoong tossed and turned in bed after managing to make Yunho admit he was wrong in one of the many fights that they had. He believed Jaejoong didn't even sleep that night. After their stupid argument phase was over, they entered silence and cold treatment phase next. Avoiding each other, sometimes not even talking for a few days. During this time, Yoochun could finally point out what was actually wrong with his two hyungs.

They were arguing, they were giving each other cold shoulders -- at the same time, they were staring when the other was not looking, with longing and quiet smile on their faces. They were in love, and confused. Yoochun knew how wrong they thought their feelings were -- to another man, who was also a teammate. When they past the arguing and not talking phases; suddenly they were so close, inseparable. It was due to loneliness and frustration of being a nobody in a foreign land that they found strength in each other, knowing they were so right together.

After that confession, during one of the rare occasions when Yoochun got to room with Yunho during tour, he asked the older man when did he fall in love with Jaejoong. Yunho had asked him back, "Which when?" because he said there were too many times he fell for Jaejoong. But Yunho told him the story of their first meeting, the first time they shook hands. He said he noticed Jaejoong holding his breath. Yunho said people usually looked at him as that kid who had appeared on shows, people would be intimidated by him.

"But Jaejoong looked amazed by me," Yunho had said, "and I thought to myself, he likes me". Yoochun had snorted at Yunho's smugness. "I was weirdly happy by that, keep on looking at Jaejoong to catch his stares and suddenly, I can't stop staring. Suddenly, he's everywhere, every corner of my heart. And one day, I wanted to kiss him. I would love to bask in the glory of Jaejoong's silly crush on me, but I can't anymore. Not when he was always fidgeting and biting his lips. I needed to confess. Blame those lips." Yunho had laughed but Yoochun knew Yunho was being honest. He, Junsu and Changmin had also heard Jaejoong tease Yunho about how the deemed romantic Jung Yunho dived to kissing right after confessing. "Total gentleman," Jaejoong had mocked teasingly but Yunho always countered by saying, "I would have regretted doing that if I wasn't kissed back. But apparently, I might have kissed you first, but you was the one not letting go of my lips after that."

They were totally infatuated with each other during their stay in Japan, although Yoochun doubted it would last at first. But they were practically getting deeper and deeper in love, every single day. When they passed their five year anniversary, Yoochun knew he was wrong-- to a point he knew he was never sure of anything else as much as he was sure of his hyungs' feelings for each other. When Yunho asked for temporary separation, Yoochun's faith didn't even waver.

Even separated, they loved. It was so strikingly apparent, Yoochun could see it in every fibre of Jaejoong's being. Yunho's. Always Yunho's. During one of Yoochun's phone calls with Changmin, when Yoochun asked 'how's Yunho hyung?' and was expecting 'he's fine' as an answer, Changmin responded 'broken' instead. It wasn't as if Yoochun didn't know. He could stare at Yunho's better half that was with him and knew how Yunho would be like.    

Yoochun and Junsu didn't contact Yunho at all during the two and a half years separation. It felt wrong to be able to talk to Yunho when Jaejoong couldn't. Jaejoong didn't talk to Changmin too, getting news on the magnae from Junsu and Yoochun. Jaejoong wholeheartedly gave Yunho what he wanted, waiting for Yunho to end what he requested by himself. Yoochun wasn't even sure what they were doing, but he still believed, even if they were apart for 10 years or more, and they decided to finally meet, they would still be in love.

Yoochun went out of the bathroom after showering, checking his phone again just in case Jaejoong texted him. None. Yoochun snorted and sent one more message to Jaejoong: 'I'm going to drop by the apartment some time later, let me know when Yunho hyung's going to be there too. Need to give him a good smack on the face or chest. His pick.'

It was more than a month after the first message indicating that his hyungs were together again that Yoochun was finally invited to drop by. Yoochun was ecstatic. He had missed Yunho so much he needed to see the man, but he understood that the two missed each other more they must be needing their alone time.

Jaejoong had changed the lock of the apartment to a password type. Yoochun had been given the password with a warning, ring the bell before entering. So, Yoochun pressed the bell three times before he entered the numbers and unlocked the door. "Yunho hyung, Jaejoong hyung, I'm coming in!" He announced and walked into the apartment.

The apartment. When Yunho and Jaejoong bought it together years back, he was one of a few who knew about it, if he wasn't the only one. Even Junsu and Changmin didn't know. His hyungs didn't tell anyone about it. Yoochun knew by accident, he saw the key and a letter from the building management to Jaejoong. He didn't ask about it, knowing the two lovers needed their privacy. The first time Yoochun stopped by would be the night Junsu called him a year after the lawsuit. When Junsu gave him the address, he knew it was the same with the one he saw in the letter. The shrink Junsu had invited to cleanse the place confirmed Yoochun's assumption that this apartment was a love-nest.

Yoochun's heart raced when he saw Jaejoong and Yunho at the couch in the living room, waiting for him with smiles. Their fingers were intertwining, shoulders overlapping, and from the messy hair and rumpled pyjamas Yoochun knew they didn't really sit still and wait for him. He had seen this sight so many times when they were living together in the same apartment, the sight of the two after making out. He never saw the making out part though, his hyungs were pretty discreet about it. Yoochun suspected they bought the apartment because they needed a place where they didn't have to careful of displaying too affectionate acts in front of the dongsaengs. Not that any one of them mind.

"You bring the DVD?" Yunho asked, disentangling his fingers from Jaejoong and got up to greet him with a hug. Yoochun revelled in the feeling of his hyung's arms around him, he pretty much missed Yunho's hug. "I miss you hyung," Yoochun said, slapping Yunho's back with the DVD he had been holding in his hand. "Is that my punishment?" Yunho laughed against his neck, "didn't you say I have to pick either to be smacked on my face or chest?" Yunho let him go as he asked with a huge grin. "Jaejoong hyung would smack me back if I smack your face, hyung." Yoochun said, bumping his fist with Jaejoong as their greeting. "I wouldn't smack you back," Jaejoong shook his head, and Yoochun laughed when Yunho snorted.

"Now, let's watch this." Yoochun had a free night and was about to watch 'Lincoln' when Jaejoong texted him, informing that Yunho would be available for the whole night and he wanted to meet Yoochun. Yoochun agreed right away, and asking them both if they wanted to watch the movie with him. Jaejoong had already seen the movie, but Yunho haven't. "Do you have anything we can munch?" Yoochun asked as he inserted the DVD into the player, watching it reloading to the menu page. He walked back to the couch and saw chips and drinks on the table. "Oh, didn't see that just now. I like your hospitality Mr Kim." Yoochun smirked, seeing the two had resumed to their previous position, sitting so close together.

Yoochun felt like a third wheel. He knew he would feel this way when he realized that he would be alone with Yunho and Jaejoong in their love-nest, since Junsu had a musical rehearsal and Changmin was away in Busan, but he didn't want to wait another day to see Yunho and Jaejoong together. Honestly, apart from missing them as five, he missed seeing his hyungs together just as much. "Jaejoong wants to give me spoilers just now," Yunho said as Yoochun settle beside him, passing a can of beer.

"Evil!" Yoochun grabbed the can, tilting his head over Yunho to look at Jaejoong. His hyung had already rested his head on Yunho's shoulder, laughing at Yoochun's word. Yoochun couldn't help but to ask, "Hyung, are you okay?"

"What do you mean?" Jaejoong nestled his head closer to Yunho's neck, a smile never left his face.

"Happy? Sad?" Yoochun saw Yunho look at Jaejoong at the question, his lips grazed Jaejoong's forehead at their closeness.

"What?" Jaejoong laughed, moving his head a little to stare at Yoochun, making Yunho's lips to be on his nose. Yoochun's stomach did a happy flip at the sight. "I'm happy." Jaejoong said.

"He made you wait for two and a half years." Yoochun knew he was teasing now, couldn't help it seeing the lovebirds.

"He is here." Yunho laughed, and Yoochun was glad his hyung knew he was kidding, "I deserve your smack Yoochun, go on smack me." Yunho turned to face him, a smile still stuck on both of his hyungs' faces. Seemed like they were truly happy, even teases won't get to them. Great. Yoochun realized he couldn't stop smiling too. "I'll smack you," Yoochun slapped both of his palms on Yunho's cheeks, holding them in place and bringing his lips quickly to land a kiss on Yunho's jaw. Yoochun pulled back with a laughter as Jaejoong groaned, grabbing the remote controller and pressed 'play'.

The opening credits started on the screen, white font against black background. Yoochun didn't read the wordings because he could see the reflections of his hyungs on the big screen. Yunho was wrapping his arm around Jaejoong's shoulders, and while Jaejoong was finding a perfect spot to rest his head around Yunho's shoulder and neck, he grazed his lips against Yunho's jaw, all the way to the lips. They kissed and the reflections disappeared as the first scene materialized. Throughout the movie, whenever the screen turned dark, Yoochun was super aware of the reflection of Jaejoong nuzzling Yunho's neck and shoulder, of them feeding each other chips, of rubbing each other's skin.

Yoochun paused the movie when he wanted to pee after downing three cans of beer and coke, seeing Jaejoong already asleep on Yunho's shoulder. "Sorry hyung, wait a minute," Yoochun said, rushing to the bathroom. When he returned, Jaejoong was awake and they were nuzzling each other's faces, kissing each other's lips. Yoochun somehow knew they weren't really being discreet about it, unlike in the past. It seemed like they wouldn't mind even if Yoochun caught them at it. He was right. As Yoochun got back to the couch, with an announced 'I'm back', the two kissed one last time, and Yunho turned to pass him the remote controller, and Jaejoong rested his head back on Yunho's shoulder.

Yoochun knew then he had stepped not only into his hyung's love-nest, he was in Yunjae territory -- where they didn't hold back. Yoochun was glad and had the urge to spend his every free time here if it meant he could forever see his hyungs being totally in love.

Just like Yoochun was in love with them.   

+ + + + +

Junsu rang the bell multiple times and keyed in the password to the apartment. He finally had a free night after finishing his musical. He would love to spend his free time playing games until late in the morning. That was his plan and he hoped Yunho would want to join him. Junsu walked into the living room, seeing Changmin asleep on the couch. Junsu ran all the way to the sleeping man and jumped onto the small space between Changmin's legs and rested his head on Changmin's hip. Changmin woke up instantly with a curse, rubbing his eyes as he glared at Junsu.

"Hey!" Junsu smiled at the glares. Changmin was still very good at glaring, if a stranger looked at him right now, he or she would have backed away and flee. "Tired?" Junsu asked. He knew Changmin and Yunho had just arrived from Japan, and that Yunho had free schedule for the night but Changmin had to attend a class. He was such a good student Junsu was proud of him. "I'm damn tired and you're not helping, Mr. Redhead." Changmin snorted and pushed his head away, sitting up the couch. Junsu touched his hair at Changmin's remark, smiling and asking if the flaming red hair he opted for his musical suited him. Changmin smirked at muttered, "looking ridiculous hyung", and even smacked his forehead after the remark.

Junsu smiled at the obvious affection. Changmin sure didn't know he was mostly cruel to those he cared about. Junsu wasn't about to let him know. He enjoyed being one of the persons Changmin was most cruel too, though Yunho seemed to take the first place now. "Thank me for waking you up," Junsu faked a pout and rubbed his forehead, "it's time for you to go to class you know."

"How am I supposed to go to class if Jaejoong hyung, who promised to send me, is being held captive in his bedroom?"

Junsu laughed, "man, isn't he tired?"

"Yunho hyung?" Changmin smirked evilly, "we should be unable to even open our eyes at the moment. I feel like skipping class." Changmin yawned. Junsu wanted to advise him to follow his heart but he knew Changmin must have missed so many classes already he might need to attend this one. Junsu patted Changmin's shoulder sympathetically though he showed the younger man a small game card he brought over to play. New series of the game, recently released in Japan, which happened to be Changmin's favourite as well. Changmin raised his eyebrows and snorted loudly again. "Just like you red hair mister, you're a demon." Changmin claimed.

Junsu was laughing when Jaejoong appeared into the living room, rushing around looking for things that he stuffed into his tote bag. His hair was wet and dripping onto the gray t-shirt we was wearing. "Late hyung?" Junsu asked. He knew Jaejoong had a recording session for the day but he wasn't sure of his hyung's exact schedule. "I'll be on time, but Changmin might be late," Jaejoong disappeared from sight again, but his footsteps could be heard rushing around and he was mumbling about car key and some other things.

"You promised me I would get to drive your new Porsche!" Changmin shouted from the couch, grabbing his bag and frowning while waiting for Jaejoong to reappear. Junsu knew the frowning look meant he really wanted to ride the new car. Junsu shook his head at how spoilt Changmin could be when it came to Jaejoong. He was surprised his Yunho hyung wasn't jealous.

"Found it," Jaejoong reappeared with a small towel around his shoulders, breathless and flushed. He threw the key to Changmin who caught it like a champ with a big grin on his face. "Let's go," Jaejoong walked to the entrance and Junsu followed after. He heard a padding sound behind him, turning to see Yunho walking towards him and the other two who were wearing their shoes. "Yunho hyung," Junsu smiled, admiring the way Yunho looked with his new haircut. Japan always made Yunho manlier, his hyung's hair was coloured dark brown and trimmed a little short, though at the moment it was tousled and all over the place. It was almost identical to Changmin's, except that they maintained Yunho's straight hair and made Changmin's wavy. Yunho was wearing a gray t-shirt and black sweatpants with no underwear. Junsu didn't want to announce to his hyung that little Yunho was still slightly excited over whatever he had done with Jaejoong because Junsu could see the hint of Yunho's semi-erection.

"See you both after midnight," Jaejoong brought Junsu back to planet earth. Jaejoong was readjusting his tote bag and was facing Yunho. Yunho nodded and leaned forward, capturing Jaejoong's lips as the older man tilted his head and responded. Junsu tilted his head involuntarily too, watching the movements of his hyungs' lips. Seemed like Yoochun was right when he said the two hardly held back now. They parted and landed three more small kisses before Changmin sarcastically muttered, "Hmm, not enough huh? I really am going to be late."

Junsu laughed, turning away and raising his eyebrows at Changmin. Changmin smiled at him and shook his head. "Would it ever be enough?" Junsu said teasingly too, but his hyungs didn't seem to mind. They simply ignored them. Sweet. Junsu snorted. "Bye baby," Jaejoong turned away from Yunho and waved at Junsu, a little smile was hidden on his face as he grabbed Changmin's arm and exited the door. Yunho was smiling as he watched the door closing.

"Hmm, does that mean I got to see that all the time?" Junsu asked, excited if that was the case. Yunho laughed and ruffled his hair, "believe me, that kiss is pretty tame," Yunho smirked. Junsu was reminded of how sexy Yunho could be. "So, game time?" Yunho asked, walking towards the living room all the way to the guest bedroom. It was a given now that the master bedroom was off limit. Every time Junsu wanted to sleep over, even if Yunho wasn't around, Jaejoong would direct him to the guest room. Junsu didn't mind. He assumed that the master bedroom was meant for more activities other than sleeping.     

Yunho jumped on the bed that was barely slept on. The guest room was a studio, complete with a small pantry, couch and TV set. It warmed Junsu's being to know that his hyungs allow them to sleep over whenever they want. Junsu readied the game and won numerous battles he played with the older man. They played together past midnight, until Yunho dozed off during one of the battles. Junsu paused the game and rested his sleepy head on a pillow too.

A movement woke him up. Jaejoong was climbing the bed at Yunho's side. He was wearing a black boxer briefs. Junsu propped up one elbow, "Jaejoong hyung," he called out, "I can sleep on the couch." Jaejoong shook his head, "it's okay, sleep here." Junsu narrowed his eyes, Jaejoong was trying to fit himself at a small space at the edge of the bed, beside Yunho. His hyung would definitely fall if he planned to sleep there.

"You'd fall," Junsu drawled sleepily. "I won't," Jaejoong muttered stubbornly, "night Junsu-yah." Junsu opened his eyes again, behind his eyelashes he could see Jaejoong propped himself over Yunho, kissing the man's forehead and lips before he tucked his head under Yunho's chin and cuddled the sleeping figure. Jaejoong was practically half sprawled on Yunho as he closed his eyes and slept. Yunho's arm habitually draped over Jaejoong's back in his sleep. Junsu thought he didn't have to worry about Jaejoong falling off the bed at the sight and dozed off again.

Yunho waking up was what woke Junsu up again. He watched his hyung jumped off the bed and out of the room. Junsu's stomach growled when he tossed around to get up too. It was almost seven in the morning, and Junsu realized he and Yunho had both skipped dinner due to their serious involvement in battling zombies last night. Junsu yawned and walked lazily to the kitchen, rubbing his growling stomach. Jaejoong was already in the kitchen, which was a good news.

"Morn--" Junsu stopped his greeting, learning against the wall to the open kitchen as Yunho placed his hands on both of Jaejoong's sides, trapping the smaller man with his body. "Morning baby," Junsu heard Yunho greeted near Jaejoong's ear, voice low and husky as he drank coffee from Jaejoong's mug. Junsu realized he had never heard such tone from Yunho before. It was bordering on sexy and affectionate, making him wonder if that was the kind of voice Yunho used in bed. Junsu shook his head at the thought. It was pathetic that he had been wondering a lot about his hyungs' sex life. Maybe because before, he never really witnessed their public displays of affection. This one wasn't public though, Junsu knew he was practically peeping on them.

But at the moment, he didn't care. He had spent more than two years thinking about the two, he deserved to check how they were doing. Jaejoong turned his head to Yunho's side, tilting his chin upwards as their heads overlapping, hair obstructing Junsu's view on what they were doing. It wasn't a problem to assume when he heard kissing sounds next, of lips parting and meeting and Junsu was sure in between the kisses he also heard low moans. Junsu bit his lower lip, stopping himself from saying anything to alert them of his presence despite his conscience.

"I'm reheating yesterday's dinner. Someone forgot to eat." Jaejoong mumbled as he got back to preparing what appear to be a salad dish. Yunho's head was still tilted close to Jaejoong's face. Yunho chuckled at Jaejoong's words, he didn't respond, or perhaps he whispered his words because Junsu heard nothing. Yunho was attacking the side of Jaejoong's face. Junsu could see the taller man's head moving all over Jaejoong's left face and neck and shoulder. He bet from the way Jaejoong was flinching, Yunho must be using his lips and mouth and teeth.   

"You're distracting -- Yunnie," Jaejoong's words came out ironic to Junsu as he pretty much giving Yunho better access by exposing his neck. "I'm distracting?" Yunho whispered, "I am not the one in boxers." Junsu raised his eyebrows, wanting to disagree with Yunho on the matter. From his perspective, Yunho was a distraction. He would be distracted if someone was practically eating his face and neck. Jaejoong let out a small chuckle at Yunho's response, finally walking away slightly from Yunho to open the overhead cabinet and grabbing a small bottle of hot sauce. He returned back into Yunho's arms, opening the bottle and probably splashing it into the salad bowl. Junsu couldn't really see what his hyung was doing when Yunho seemed glued to every curve of Jaejoong's body.

"Urgh, that doesn't look appetising." Yunho whispered, his chin now rested on Jaejoong's shoulder. "It's a love potion," Jaejoong said. "To make Junsu love you more?" Yunho whispered, Junsu was surprised he caught the words. Yunho seemed to be using low voice which he whispered near Jaejoong's ear. "I'm sure I don't need that," Yunho continued, which made Jaejoong turn to face him. "Really?" Jaejoong said the word with his lips on Yunho's jaw, "didn't remember you say the words to me for so long." Yunho's arms tightened around Jaejoong's waist, "not true," he grazed his face against Jaejoong's lips, "I said them yesterday."

Jaejoong moved his head back, staring into Yunho's eyes. He narrowed his gaze and a thin smile was drawn on his face, "it's not counted if you said them when you're in bed, in your afterglow, in me." Junsu's teeth let his lower lip go, he could feel himself flushing at the words Jaejoong uttered. Maybe he shouldn't hear that. "That should count. I am most honest when sated," Yunho responded, sounding playful. "Why don't you say it now, do you love me?" Jaejoong drawled his words playfully too.

Junsu honestly wanted to hear Yunho's response, but the older man whispered whatever he intended to say to Jaejoong's ear. Junsu assumed Yunho said more than what Jaejoong wanted to hear because Jaejoong chuckled happily, bringing his face closer to Yunho to kiss the already red and swollen lips. Junsu took that as a cue to fake a loud yawn and entered the kitchen space, pulling a stool noisily. His hyungs broke the kiss and Yunho turned to face him, smiling and chirping a happy 'good morning'. "Morning hyung," Junsu placed his arms on the breakfast bar, palming his chin and ordering Yunho to grab him any juices from the fridge. Yunho planted a kiss on Jaejoong's shoulder and let the man go, walking to the fridge.

"What do you want? We have orange, guava, strawberry milk and pomegranate."

"Plain water," Junsu grinned, seeing Yunho raise an eyebrow at him. Yunho snorted and took out a jug of cold water and a carton of pomegranate juice out of the fridge. Yunho placed them in front of Junsu and easily used his fingers to grab two glasses next. Junsu poured the water and juice for Yunho and him. "What are you cooking Jaejoong hyung?" Junsu asked, passing the glass with red liquid to Yunho who was sitting at his opposite. Junsu looked at Jaejoong's back and noticed something was different with his tattoo. Junsu narrowed his eyes, noticing a reddish mark near the left shoulder and a few more marks in a darker shade of red along the border of Jaejoong's shoulders. Now that Yunho wasn't covering Jaejoong, Junsu could see multiple hickeys on Jaejoong's back. "I'm making salad for myself, you and Yunho are going to eat your leftover dinner," Jaejoong said.

Junsu turned away from Jaejoong at the response, another thought of his hyungs' sexual life crossed his mind. The loud ting from the microwave disrupted his thought, Junsu looked up and saw Yunho jumping off the stool and fishing bowls out of the microwave. Jaejoong had reheated a big bowl of fried rice and spicy kimchi soup. Jaejoong settled beside Yunho, spooning his salad and watching Junsu and Yunho finishing their breakfast. Junsu was so hungry he took only a few minutes to wipe out everything. Yunho was taking his time, feeding Jaejoong his rice too, muttering that Jaejoong needed to fatten up.

"You look good with red hair," Yunho said while eating. "Really?" Junsu smirked, he agreed actually, thinking the flaming red complement his complexion, "I bet Jaejoong hyung would look gorgeous in red too," Junsu said. Yunho turned his gaze towards Jaejoong, as if imagining the red hair on his lover. He snickered and nodded briefly, breaking into a grin, "though you still look adorably innocent Junsu-yah, your Jaejoong hyung here would be looking like a badass ready to burn the whole Seoul," Yunho joked. "I might just burn you," Jaejoong retorted. "Hmm, seem like I've gotten myself my own personal badass," Yunho declared, leaning close to Jaejoong and capturing his mouth for a lingering kiss.

Junsu loved the view but as he stared at the sight in front of him, a question crossed his mind. Thinking that it was no harm in clarifying the matter, he asked "can you guys peck?" He really wanted to know. His hyungs never seemed to just smack their lips together, they always really kissed, lips in between and what not. Yunho and Jaejoong appeared confused by his question. Junsu explained by meeting his thumbs together quickly, signalling a quick kiss, which made both men laugh. "Of course," Jaejoong said after he stopped laughing, pecking Yunho's lips chastely. "Good to know," Junsu smirked, "I thought you can just eat each other faces."

"Well Junsu," Yunho shrugged his shoulders, "you do know I confessed to Jaejoong suddenly when we're 17, right?" Yunho said, mouthing his food, "It wasn't an appropriate place or time, but back then, if I didn't confess to him right away, I would have confessed with my lips. I would have kissed him without telling him I love him first and he would have smacked my face," Yunho laughed, "His lips, my weakness, among many other things of course."

A hint of pink coloured Jaejoong's cheeks and the tip of his ears. Junsu immediately noticed because he was so used of seeing the colour emerge on his hyung's pale face when he was drunk, or in extreme weathers. But now, it was apparently due to a different reason. Yunho noticed too, an amused smile appeared on his face though Jaejoong pretended not to see.

Junsu was overwhelmed by the confusing sight. Jaejoong was almost naked, hickeys painted his back, he had muttered cheesy words while making out with Yunho in the kitchen, slept sprawling on Yunho's chest the whole night, and now he was blushing at a little compliment by Yunho? Junsu poured himself another glass of water, a smile easily drawn on his face, and he thought how wonderful it was to be intensely in love.

+ + + + +

Changmin draped his arm around Yunho's shoulders as they rode the elevator to the apartment while his other free arm was wrapped around a box of Japanese desserts. Yunho was busy scrutinising their schedule in his hand phone calendar, probably double checking that the two of them were really free for the day. Their one week activities in Japan ended just this morning, and would continue again in a month time. Their company wanted them to hold a concert in Nissan Stadium, thus their activities in Japan continued hectically to serve the purpose.

"Taemin will be here for dinner hyung," Changmin reminded Yunho. The five of them had planned to have dinner together. Jaejoong invited his manager, so Changmin asked if he could invite Taemin too. Taemin had hinted that he wanted to see both Yunho and Jaejoong if he could, and Changmin suspected that he wanted to show Yunho that he was fine seeing Yunho with his lover. It was more than 6 months ago when Taemin had confessed to Yunho and barged into Jaejoong's apartment. Changmin knew Taemin was not totally over Yunho yet, the younger man couldn't fool him as Changmin could detect Yunho's admirers even from a mile, an ability he developed after they became two, but he wanted to support Taemin in his journey to move on.

"Glad he wanted to join," Yunho said, putting away his phone into his jeans pocket. Yunho had admitted that Taemin provided the push to make him see Jaejoong. Changmin could see his leader regretted the two years and a half separation, could hear he apologized to Jaejoong over and over during their late night conversations, could hear he professed his love more to make up to the other man. It wasn't necessary, it was obvious in Changmin's eyes that Jaejoong had totally forgiven him. Had totally put it behind him. "He promised me forever, we never made such promise in the past. We take for granted that we'd always be together. The separation made him promise me forever." Jaejoong had said those words when Changmin asked him why it was so easy for him to forgive Yunho. From what he heard from Yoochun, Jaejoong took just one night to forgive Yunho. Not that Changmin wanted his Yunho hyung to suffer more, he was just curious.

"Don't worry hyung, Taemin said he's over you." Changmin repeated what Taemin had said to him, just in case Yunho worried about the junior. "I'm not worried," Yunho shook his head, entering the password to the apartment. Changmin brought his arm away from Yunho's shoulders, not responding to Yunho. True, Yunho was never worried of his admirers, he could ignore them like a plague and not feel any guilt by doing that, but Taemin was different. Yunho cared about Taemin, just like he cared about Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun, maybe just lesser by a few degree. Changmin wasn't about to bring that up though, so he remained quiet as they entered the apartment.

There was a pair of new shoes at the shoe rack that grabbed Changmin's attention. A gold coloured sneakers with a signature of someone who might be important, but Changmin wasn't really impressed by that, he was simply wondering if it was real gold. He shook his head as he was reminded of how rich his Jaejoong hyung was. "Yunho hyung, look--" Changmin turned around after taking off his shoes, snickering to himself when Yunho was nowhere to be seen. Someone was impatient to see his lover it seemed. Changmin trailed to the living room, stopping his track when he was near and could see the two.

Jaejoong was lying on the couch, face facing the backrest cushion, reading what appeared to be a script with headphones on. Yunho sat at the little space near Jaejoong's waist, his long fingers kneaded Jaejoong's neck, messaging the pale skin. Jaejoong's hand took off the headphones and his fingers touched Yunho's, a deep low sound escaped his throat. Changmin raised his eyebrows, embracing the box in his hand to make himself comfortable on his feet. He was going to watch and report whatever he saw to Yoochun and Junsu. He didn't know when it started, maybe after Yoochun shared a kissing moment of his hyungs while watching a movie via messages, but the three had started to share stories. So far, Junsu's kitchen encounter was the most fascinating, if Changmin could trust Junsu's rendition of Yunho leaving a red bite mark on Jaejoong's shoulder while trapping Jaejoong against the kitchen counter and whispering dirty words.

"I missed you," Jaejoong whispered, turning his body around and grabbing Yunho's neck, bringing Yunho's head closer to him. "Missed you too," Yunho muttered, kissing the lips presented to him. In Yunjae territory or love-nest, the apartment's nick name given by Yoochun, seeing his hyungs kissing had become normal. They kissed every possible minute, it was a miracle if Changmin didn't see it at least once every hour when he was around. But this sort of kiss seemed different. Changmin tilted his head, seeing tongues battling for entrance. It was scary when Changmin thought the act was sexy instead of disgusting. They didn't bring their tongues out like a sword and started attacking, it was subtle and gentle, more like they were licking and wetting each other's lips before kissing them open-mouthed, eyes closed, perfect aims nevertheless.

Whatever his hyungs were doing continued for a moment, until Jaejoong grabbed Yunho by the shoulders and toppled him, reserving their position. Changmin was surprised, he almost forgot the strength of Jaejoong's arms especially when Jaejoong had lost weight. Jaejoong climbed Yunho's body effortlessly, straddling Yunho's hips as he leaned forward and brought his mouth over Yunho's shoulder, teething the collarbone to the neck and jaw, leaving wet trails. Yunho's hands tugged the end of Jaejoong's t-shirt and pulled it off in one swift motion, making Jaejoong's hair fall over his forehead, curtaining his eyes. Yunho grabbed Jaejoong's nape, tilting Jaejoong's head close to his mouth as he imitated what Jaejoong had done previously. He teethed Jaejoong's neck, collarbone, down to his chest and nipple, which he flicked his tongue over and moved his lips upward again, attacking the neck and jaw and the corner of Jaejoong's mouth. A soft groan escaped Jaejoong's lips, which Yunho silenced with his own.

"Baby," Jaejoong whispered against Yunho's lips and Yunho groaned. Changmin's stomach tightened at the sounds, surprising him. Jaejoong's fingers clasped the edge of Yunho's t shirt, moving it slowly over Yunho's body and over his head, trapping Yunho's hands for a while as he attacked Yunho's lips and neck with his mouth again. When Yunho freed his hands off his t-shirt, he grabbed Jaejoong's bottom and pressed the man hard against him. "Ngh-" Jaejoong breathed out, pulling Yunho's lower lip with his teeth as they rocked and rubbed themselves against each other, dry humping. Yunho's nails scraped Jaejoong's body, moving from Jaejoong's shoulders to his chest and abdomen, motioning in circles around Jaejoong's stomach before Yunho brought them over the edge of Jaejoong's trousers and unbuttoned the only button of the denim. Jaejoong let go of Yunho's lips, muttering against them what Changmin could catch as 'wanna ride you.' Yunho groaned at the words, low and throaty as he unzipped Jaejoong's pants.  

"Jaejoong hyung sure knows what he wants!" Changmin exclaimed, hating the tremor in his voice. He was almost turned on by what he saw, but he knew if he didn't stop them, they would change the password to their apartment and locked themselves in without letting the dongsaengs in anymore. Yunho's head snapped to his direction, Jaejoong pretty much let himself fall on top of Yunho and hide his face in the crook of Yunho's neck. "What the heck, Changminnie!" Jaejoong's muffled voice was almost hilarious when paired with Yunho's gaze on him. Yunho's eyes were laced with passion still. "Don't blame me Jaejoong hyung, I walked in with Yunho hyung. In fact, I was glued so close to his body when we entered the apartment. I am not thrilled he forgot my existence 30 seconds after seeing you."

Yunho chuckled at that, his head thrown back as he caressed Jaejoong's back. Jaejoong lifted his head and glared at Changmin, "you're in since..."

"Yeah," Changmin shrugged his shoulders, "since Yunho hyung massaged your neck."

Jaejoong turned his glare towards Yunho this time, Changmin assumed Jaejoong was embarrassed to be caught muttering about riding Yunho. "Sorry, caught in the moment," Yunho laughed again, probably amused with himself for forgetting Changmin was there in the first place.

"Don't blame yourself hyung, I would too if I have someone's tongue in my mouth." Changmin teased, he sure couldn't wait to gossip with Yoochun and Junsu. This moment had just defeated Junsu's kitchen story. "Or dry-humping me, though I don't know if it's really dry," Changmin continued. Yunho shook his head at him as he easily grabbed Jaejoong by the waist and lifted him up and off the couch. He put Jaejoong down to stand in front of the couch. Yunho's back was facing Changmin as Yunho faced Jaejoong. Changmin stared at Yunho's bare top, seeing the prominent back that Jaejoong liked. Yunho was zipping up Jaejoong's pants, not that Changmin could see as Yunho's body was hiding the older man, but he could hear clearly. The two were whispering, maybe plotting on how to hide their hard-on.

"I don't mind seeing woody," Changmin muttered, "I've seen Yunho hyung's hard-on in some mornings."

"Stop the tease," Jaejoong tilted head appeared beside Yunho's, "why don't you go and bring that box to the kitchen?"

"Don't want!" Changmin said happily, wondering what his hyungs were going to do with his stubbornness. "I'm sorry to be here, but don't mind me. You can even continue. I bet it's going to take 30 seconds to be lost in the moment," Changmin smirked.

Jaejoong's eyes glinted, Yunho was laughing again, his forehead rested on Jaejoong's shoulder. Being the end receiver of Changmin's teases most of the time now, Yunho seemed to know it's best to remain silence and laugh at his teases instead of countering them. "It's okay," Jaejoong smirked too, perhaps pretending he was okay with everything now, "we'll go to the bedroom."

"'kay," Changmin nodded, waiting for them to walk away. It was ridiculous that Changmin wanted to see how turned on they were. As if reading his thought, Jaejoong brought his arms around Yunho's shoulders, one of his feet stepped on the back of Yunho's knee as he swung the other leg around Yunho's waist. In a second, Jaejoong was a baby panda hugging a tree Yunho, and they were off to the bedroom without giving a chance for Changmin to tease them more or even to catch the sight of their erections. Changmin laughed to himself as he walked to the kitchen, opened the box and grabbed a pudding and walked back to the living room. He sat at the spot his two hyungs had previously occupied and wondered about how it felt to make love to someone who shared almost the same height, the same build, the same strength.

He didn't stop wondering and texting Junsu and Yoochun when Jaejoong reappeared almost half an hour later, with Yunho trailing behind him. They both grabbed their scattered t-shirts and wore them, asking Changmin to help them in preparing the table for dinner. Jaejoong's sisters had cooked for them, they just needed to reheat everything. "Enjoy your ride, hyung?" Changmin asked Jaejoong as they walked together to the kitchen. Jaejoong snorted, "how long are you going to tease me for this?" he asked. "Until you give me something else to talk about," Changmin responded cheekily, "by the way, Yoochun hyung and Junsu are on their way. Let's wait for them to help."

"Lazy ass," Jaejoong shook his head. Changmin raised his eyebrows, wanting to make another remark about lazy ass when Yunho ruffled his hair and said "enough, Changminnie." Changmin agreed to drop the subject, at least until Junsu and Yoochun arrived.

Things were getting interestingly perfect when his other two hyungs arrived. Junsu didn't wait a second to get into his own teasing mode by commenting how awesome it was to ride Yoochun's new Lexus. "So you enjoyed the ride?" Changmin asked while he prepared the steamers set for steamboat soup Jaejoong's sister had cooked for them, situating the big steamer in the middle of the table. There were variety of food on the table already, mainly Korean and Western cuisines. "Certainly," Junsu smirked, helping him out, "it's a very smooth drive," he continued innocently. It was funny seeing Jaejoong gaze at the three of them, wondering why the conversation seemed to involve him. Yunho and Jaejoong didn't know Changmin had talked about them, or that the three of them had exchanged information together in the past 6 months.

"What's your favourite part of the ride?" Yoochun asked Junsu, and Changmin wondered if Yoochun was eager to hear Junsu complimented his new car or if he was also in the mood to tease the lovebirds. Yunho was looking at them curiously while he arranged the utensils. "Hmm," Junsu pondered, "I like everything, what about you?" Junsu seemed to be wondering if Yoochun was in the same wavelength or if he was really talking about his brand new Lexus. Yoochun shrugged, "I like the car's strong and powerful body, kinda give me pleasure knowing I can drive it any way that I want...hmm, like you can go fast and slow and the car can handle it. Definitely worth the ride."

Changmin bit the inside of his mouth to keep a straight face but the easily amused Junsu exploded, laughing uncontrollably and bursting their acts, slapping Yoochun's arm next. Yoochun remained stoic though. "You guys are fishy," Jaejoong narrowed his eyes, directing them at Changmin as if he questioned, 'what did you tell them?'. Changmin shrugged, acting innocent. The door bell rang then. Yunho hugged Jaejoong from the back, planting a soft kiss on Jaejoong's cheek and looked at them three, "it appears that our dongsaengs are pretty curious about what we did in private," Yunho muttered, smiling at them before he walked to the entrance to welcome either Taemin or Jaejoong's manager.

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes again at the three of them, but he didn't say anything as he trailed after Yunho. Yoochun pinched Junsu's cheek as their hyungs disappeared, "can't help but laugh huh?" he smirked. Junsu shook his head, "your remarks were unexpected," he said and turned his gaze towards Changmin, "now, let see who between us would see them at it for real. Our discovery is getting better each month. Damn, I do really want to see a cowboy Jaejoong hyung." Changmin laughed at Junsu's honesty, seemed like Yunho and Jaejoong had tainted him.

The dinner was great. Changmin could see Taemin's effort in conversing normally with Yunho and Jaejoong. Changmin could also see An-shii, Jaejoong's manager, glancing curiously at the two. The manager was downright staring at his hyungs who acted like nothing more than close friends. It was fascinating to see Yunho and Jaejoong being like this, total buddy mode, because Changmin hadn't seen the front for so long. The pretence the two resorted to when they were still together in one group seemed to be effortlessly now too. They didn't touch much unless necessary, they seemed to be functioning in sync -- Jaejoong pouring Yunho drink, Yunho passing Jaejoong food -- just like a caring leader Yunho and a warm lead singer Jaejoong in the past, that kind of dynamic.

"Want more?" Jaejoong was asking Yunho, as he held a jug of cold Chinese tea that was tilted over the tip of Yunho's glass. Yunho turned to face Jaejoong, his lips twitched upward as he nodded. Their eyes caught and lingered, and Changmin felt that tingle in his stomach just like it did in the past. When the two looked at each other, albeit briefly, there was just something that Changmin couldn't name that made him all warm and tingly. Something that maybe thousands of their fans had seen and wondered, just like how Changmin was always wondering, what is that look all about?

How could you love someone so much?

+ + + + +

Yunho ruffled Taemin's hair as he said goodbye to the younger man, Jaejoong packed a few leftover for the manager before he sent him away, while Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin sprawled contently on the living room floor. They left the dishes to be washed tomorrow, wanting to indulge in the satisfaction of being filled with food for the night.

Yoochun was about to doze off when Jaejoong dropped a few cushions for them, leaving two cans of beer and a can of lemon tea on the carpeted floor as well before he proceed to the window seat. Yoochun opened his eyes and glanced around him, Changmin and Junsu were entangled together as they played whatever games they have in the phones. Yoochun yawned and directed his eyes towards Yunho, seeing his hyung with his back rested against the wall, legs stretched on the window-seat. Jaejoong walked to Yunho with a mug of what smelt like hot chocolate and a can of beer. He placed both drinks on the window pane and seated himself in between Yunho's legs, his back resting on Yunho's body. Yunho tilted his head, making space for Jaejoong to fit his head in the crook of his neck and the side of his face. Jaejoong took out his phone from his pants' pocket and swiped the screen, probably checking his twitter or IG accounts. Yunho peeked, looking over at the screen together.

Changmin lifted his eyes away from the screen of his phone when he noticed Yoochun staring at the window area of the living room. Changmin looked over at what Yoochun was staring at. Jaejoong was half sprawled on the window-seat against Yunho, Yunho was whispering something to Jaejoong's ear, Jaejoong turned his head slightly so his lips were near Yunho's ear too, conversing in Yunho's manner; whispering. They might be talking about something funny, as they laughed quietly and sometimes Jaejoong even elbowed Yunho's stomach, shaking his head. "Taemin is young..." Changmin caught Jaejoong's lips saying the words. "You're all I ever wanted baby," he heard Yunho's quiet voice. Jaejoong said something more, something that made Yunho shake his head and nuzzle the side of his face, whispering perhaps words of promises that made Jaejoong beam. Changmin snorted.

Junsu looked at Changmin, he sure heard the younger man snort. Maybe he had lost his game, Junsu wondered. Junsu paused his game and stretched his strained neck, eyes falling to the sight of his hyungs toe-battling. The two were glued to each other as they laughed while entangling their toes together, doing silly things they always do. "Oww," Yunho pulled his leg away, biting Jaejoong's earlobe and kissing the older man's jaw before he rested his back on the wall behind him and gazed at the night sky. Yunho tightened his grip on Jaejoong's chest at some point, drinking from his mug, looking over at Jaejoong's hand phone screen, kissing the side of Jaejoong's face, whispering words to Jaejoong's ear. Jaejoong placed his phone on the window pane and grabbed his beer, purring at Yunho's touches as he watched the night sky too.

Oh. Junsu remembered seeing Jaejoong alone there, drinking by himself to drunkenness. The kitchen scene sometime ago came back to him too, as well as the nightmares that haunted Jaejoong in his bedroom. Seemed like all the times Junsu thought Jaejoong was alone during the separation, he actually never was. He was always accompanied by Yunho's presence. Always with Yunho.

Junsu smiled, noticing Changmin and Yoochun looking at him.

"Can't help it right?" Changmin snorted again, though he didn't appear annoyed.

"Watching those two take more work not to smile than smiling." Yoochun breathed in, closing his eyes.

Junsu nodded, resting his head on the carpeted floor.

If people ever asked them if they have seen anything so freaking beautiful in their life. They would say, there, right there.

Those two.

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