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Kim Jaejoong is warm.

Author: Sanzo_ne
Title: Kim Jaejoong is warm.
Pairing: Yunjae and their dongseangs
Beta: My lovely mayday65

Rating: PG
Form: One-shot (Words: 519)
Genre: Fluff maybe

Hey, this is my second fanfic.

Whenever Kim Jaejoong thinks and his mind wonders, his face will look almost inhuman, and the air around him will look almost frozen. Whenever he walks in any airports after each tour, his stoic face will make him look almost unapproachable. As if the air that he inhales is misty and icy.

But, despite that, Kim Jaejoong is warm.

Everyone knows that side of him. During chaotic hours before every stage, he will make sure that Changmin’s hair, Yoochun’s shoes, Yunho’s trousers and Junsu’s microphone are in their best order.

During late at night, when Changmin’s stomach grumbles, he will make a nice and hot instant noodle even before Changmin can say, “Jaejoong-ah, erm I mean Jaejoong-hyung, I’m hungry”. When Junsu is out of cash, he will lend it to him and will not be going to ask or remind him of his debt until he realizes it himself. When Yoochun is homesick, he will listen to his every childhood story and wipe every drop of tears and even put him down to sleep. Whenever Yunho is out for a very late midnight’s meeting with their manager, he will always wait until Yunho’s home and greet him with “You have been working hard, Leader-shii”.

He always finds extra time to wish goodbye to every staff, whether in Korea or Japan. He will smile extra bright to fans even though he could hardly find strength to stand anymore after every concert and fans’ meeting.

Kim Jaejoong is indeed a very warm person.

He never fails to share this side of him with everyone. At times, he will not only cook for Changmin, but also for Yoochun, Junsu and Yunho. At times, he will not only wait for Yunho but also for their manager, and greet him with the exact greeting as he greets Yunho. He will lend his money even to the staff and listen to the stylist nuna’s love stories and wipe her children’s tears whenever they come over and start crying without reason.

Kim Jaejoong is literally and technically warm.

Even though the weather is so damn cold, his body will remain warm. Sometimes, he will hold Junsu’s shoulder when he feels cold. He will wrap his fingers around Yoochun’s and even rub his hands all over Changmin’s arms to let them have a little, tiny piece of his warmth.

But in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, or even back at Seoul, when manager’s order, band mates' votes, or paper rock and scissors’ match seems to be on his side, and he ends up sharing a room with Yunho, he will share another warm side of him that Yunho knows deep down inside, he will never share it with anyone else. When the cold night makes Yunho shivers, he will hold Yunho, then wrap his body around Yunho and next rub it against Yunho. And when he whispers “I love you, Yunho-ah”, near Yunho’s ear, the air around Yunho becomes warm.

And Yunho has never been more thankful that Kim Jaejoong is warm and his.

Tags: 2008, fluff, g, oneshot
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